About the BCCC Team

Having lived in the area of Bradley County for a while and met up for a drink on a regular basis in Molly’s Diner we began to realise that to a large extent this beautiful area was very much a hidden gem.


Looking around online a lot of what has been written about the area was written long ago, so was not particularly relevant for modern travellers.

We decided to remedy this and tell you more about Bradley County. Giving you the inside track of where to stay, eat and drink and what to do while you are in the area. Surprisingly for us, we actually got the idea off of the ground and produced this website.


Please read the articles and if you think anything is missing or would like to contribute some content please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bredleycountychamberofcommerce.com and let us know.

Bradley County doesn’t have any skyscrapers, stock exchanges or traffic jammed expressways. It’s no New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, if that’s your kind of place. You probably won’t even find it in a travel guide.

But, for those who like their landscapes in quieter, more pastoral tones–who prefer active outdoor recreation to passively sitting in front of the TV–who gravitate to folks who are warm and genuine–Bradley County is packed with possibilities.

What is Bradley County Packed with??

A sea of trees–bottomland hardwoods and coastal plain pines–tens of thousands of acres of woodlands create a beauty of rare dimensions, evoking a tranquility and sense of peace that is seldom found in our frantically paced time.

But the woodlands are more than a source of scenic beauty and tranquility that provide the raw material for Bradley County’s important forest products industry–and they serve as habitat for deer, turkey and other game species for which Bradley County is renowned, and which attract thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts to the area each year.
Small acreage family farms are also evident throughout the county, most of them involved in producing the county’s famed tomato crops. And quiet pasturelands give testimony to the importance of the county’s livestock industry.

Where to start on a visit to Bradley County? Anywhere really–north, east south or west. A visitor might think of heading south on Highway 63 across the scenic Saline River: first to Warren, the county seat; then to Hermitage, a small but picturesque community that has long been prominent in the tomato industry; and on south to Moro Bay State Park on the Quachita River, a facility that is unique among the state park system.

Felsenthal Refuge–a national wildlife refuge with 65,000 acres that make up the world’s largest greentree reservoir, under management of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
The Pink Tomato Festival–a 44 year old, award winning festival that happens the second weekend in June every year attracting 20,000 visitors to enjoy parades, beauty pageant, tomato eating contests, 5k run/walk, chili cook off, talent show and the famous ALL TOMATO LUNCHEON.

Like the other seven counties in AR’s South Tourism Region, Bradley County offers abundant game for the hunter. The seasons are long and the bounty rich–deer, squirrel, duck, geese, rabbit, fish–all are here for the taking.

Bradley County is packed with all of these possibilities.