If you suffer from food allergies and intolerances eating out can be a big issue. At Bradley County, we realise this, so we have put together this guide to help you to eat out with food sensitivities while you are visiting the area.

Living with food allergies and intolerances can be expensive because it limits your choice of what you can buy. However, using this guide you should be able to eat out whilst staying in the area without having to spend a fortune to do so.

Tell your hotel or guesthouse owner

The first tip is to tell the owners of the guesthouse or hotel you are staying in if there are any foods you or a member of the family cannot eat. It is best to do this over the phone. That way you can discuss your options and work out whether the place you are staying is able to accommodate your needs.


Most of the people and firms that run accommodation in this area are very accommodating. They will always do what they can to meet the special needs of their guests, but telling them in advance considerably improves the chance that they can help. In the unlikely event that they are unable to help you always have the option to find other accommodation or take more of your own food with you.

Research restaurants and eateries

There are plenty of good places to eat out and again the owners of the eateries in the area are normally very understanding and accommodating. Once again planning in advance is a good idea. Look at the restaurants you might want to use in the area and use their websites to check out the menus.

If their menus are not online, give them a call and see what allergen free meals they sell. The fewer food allergies or intolerance you suffer from the more likely it is that they will have food that is suitable for you to eat.

There are not many chain restaurants in the area, but there are a few. If you know that the food in one particular chain is good for you and your family take a look to find the ones nearest to where you are staying or the attractions you are visiting. For the journey from and to Bradley County plan to stop at one of your favourite chain restaurants. That is two more meals you do not have to worry about.

Plan some picnics

The supermarkets in this area are really good. There is plenty of choice, so it is easy to find and buy the food you like.

Come equipped and you will be able to pack your family a picnic lunch most days. All you need is a cooler and some tubs for the food. Bring ice blocks with you or buy ice from the supermarket. Most hotels and guest houses will happily keep your ice blocks in their freezer when you are not using them.