Business phone systemsFor any business, regardless of its size, or the sector it operates in communication is vital. Your customers need to be able to reach you easily and you need the right tools to be able to contact your clients and help them with your queries.

Even in today’s modern world companies need a good phone system for their business premises as well as mobiles. Below we look at two great, affordable business phone systems SIP trunking and traditional VOIP systems.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a service that allows you to get more out of your phone network. It better manages your VOIP voice call traffic and your internet data traffic. SIP trunking can be configured to handle only incoming or outgoing traffic, or if you prefer both.

The Benefits of SIP Trunking

Using SIP trunking can save a company quite a bit of money. This is especially true if your company is currently reliant on ISDN lines. Generally speaking, the more data and phone calls you handle the more you can save using SIP trunking. For example, if you have to set up a Christmas call centre contracting SIP trunking for the few months the call centre is in operation will save you a lot of money.

SIP trunking gives you the ability increase and decrease the number of phone lines you have operating into your business without costly long term contracts. Setup costs are exceptionally low and the service can be switched on and off very quickly.

Because SIP trunking is quite complicated it is important that you only use an experienced business VOIP service provider and that they provide responsive customer support during the hours your business operates.

business phone systemsVoIP for business

If you are in business, and have not already done so, it is well worth taking a look at moving your phone system to a VoIP for Business service. You will save a lot of money and can still take advantage of all of the extras a business phone service offers you.

A good VoIP for Business package is totally flexible allowing you to change or cancel your contract at short notice. Most offer proper customer support meaning whatever time of the day you have a problem or a question you can get the help you need.

VoIP for Business your Options Explained

If you want to you can contract a VoIP for Business service that simply allows you to make and receive phone calls. However, if you want services like voicemail, fax to email and voicemail to email you can have them. A really good VoIP for Business service also provides you with call routing, call forwarding, call hunt groups, call logging and conference calling.

Before you look for a provider take the time to make a note of all the services you must have and those that you think may benefit your business in the future and use this as a reference point.